China-Beijing Zhongyuhao Ecletonic Co.,Ltd.lying in Beijing ZhongGuanCunscience Park is a high-tech enterprises,one of the main internal power filter manufacturers.We can also design and produce special typefilters according to customers¨s requirements.
  We can povide 0.5-1500A multiple specifications monophase(three-phase)AC(DC)power filters,sine
wavefilters.Our prodcts have been widely used for information security, EMC testing, industrial control and measurement equipments,medical equipments, frequency conversion and electric systems ect.
  We have acquired the ISO9001:2000 international quality syatem certification and our productshave
passed UL, VDE. Now our production capability exceeds 300 million/year.Particularly,aiming at electronic equipment, sysems and subsystems transmitting elactromagnetic interference, space electromagnetic radiation,we have conducted many classes for our customers. EMCChina ( ) chaired by us is the largest and well-knowndomestic professional website.Strictly implement the use of ERP Managment.

   Our tenet:
   Meeting with customers¨requirements continuously, exating service quality endlessly,create favorable commercial and social vaule.

   Our spirit:
   Go all out、harmony、practicality、innovation

   Our pincipal
   To be responsible to our society
   To be responsible to ourclients
   To be responsible to our staff


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